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Salem County Tomatoes | Jersey, Roma, Etc in Pennville
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Salem County Tomatoes

Salem County Tomatoes

Salem County Tomatoes

Halter’s Farm Market | Pennsville, NJ Produce Stand | Salem County Farm Market


In New Jersey, we know our tomatoes. That is why Salem County tomatoes are legendary, especially our “Jersey Tomato” kind. We like them super red, super big, and super juicy! We have so many different types beyond the Jersey Tomato.

Here are some tomato facts!

  • They are technically a FRUIT, even though they are savory.
  • Full of lycopene and Vitamin A, they are super good for your skin and hair!
  • They can prevent the development of cancer, Wow!
  • Full of Vitamin K and calcium; they make bones strong.
  • If you like your tomatoes raw, you’re getting a big dose of Vitamin C!
  • Full of antioxidants!
  • Ideal for the health of your heart, kidneys, and eyes!
  • Taste really good in a Bloody Mary! 


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